OB1 Immediate Grip Adhesive

OB1 Immediate Grip Adhesive is a unique solvent-free construction adhesive with exceptional initial grip followed by incredible structural bonding ability.

Can be used on concrete, most types of stone, ceramic, marble, wood, plasterboard, metal, lead, glass, mirrors, plastics (except polypropylene) and any combination of the above materials without the need for additional bonding.

For more information on its use with sandstone materials, contact our technical department.

OB1 Agarre Inmediato Adhesivo


  • Apply a quantity of 450mm x 13mm per kilo of weight for heavy vertical bonding.
  • For all applications, including general building maintenance, OB1 Immediate Grip Adhesive bonds non-porous stones, concrete, natural stone, gypsum board, wood, glass, polycarbonate ceramics, etc. For highly porous stones, contact our technical department through the website.
  • As a universal adhesive, OB1 Immediate Grip Adhesive adheres to most surfaces and does not attack synthetic material.
  • On mirrors (vertical strips), on natural stone, polyester, polystyrene (does not penetrate).
  • OB1 Immediate Grip Adhesive bonds copper, lead, zinc, aluminium, stainless steel and is vibration resistant.
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