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Protec Distributions

Construction products which offer real solutions with excellent quality and service

Grupo Protec began its journey in 1996 as a window and door company under the name of Protec Windows. In 2000, the founder, partner and director André Jensen started the company Protec Construcciones in the construction industry. Given our experience in these sectors, there has been a need to have specific products for construction of the highest quality.

For this reason we have visited many sample fairs in many countries and we have thus seen several products that there was no way to buy here in Spain. Little by little we had the idea of offering these types of products, which from our point of view give real solutions to problems in the construction sector in Spain, to the establishments where professionals buy their products.

Therefore, we have also been engaged in the acquisition and distribution of first order construction products since 2013. On the one hand we have our own products, on the other we have products imported directly from international manufacturers and both are exclusively for the entire national territory and Portugal.

As wholesalers, we do not sell to the end customer. Above all, we do not want to be in competition with our clients which in general are Hardware Stores, Construction Materials Companies, Paint Companies, etc.

Our priority in all our companies is to offer our customers real solutions with excellent service and premium quality in all the products of our Grupo Protec brand. We have demonstrated this since our inception in the construction products distribution sector. We understand that it is our job and responsibility to recognize the needs of our customers and to provide them with a professional and competitive service.

Our excellent customer service is based on four axis:

  • Own commercial network

  • Continuous training to our official distributors to achieve greater commitment and professional success

  • Support for the on-site sales of our staff in the demonstration days and in the joint commercial visits with our clients

  • Commercial / marketing support, giving our distributors demonstration and exhibition material, radio spots, advertisements in specialized magazines, canvas, tech, always co-branding with them. Also, having an online sales page made to generate more sales, if possible, to our distributors since we do not sell directly to end customers.

OB1 is the original multi-surface sealant for the construction industry.

OB1 is a multi-surface sealant and adhesive for the construction industry of proven efficiency and environmentally friendly. It can be applied on wet surfaces and even underwater.

OB1 Immediate Grip Adhesive is a unique solvent-free construction adhesive with exceptional initial grip followed by incredible structural bonding ability.

OB1 Multi-Surface Cleaner is the most advanced degreasing solvent that leaves no residue, can be safely applied to painted surfaces, vinyl, glass and most plastics.

OB1 Superglue is an adhesive that bonds in seconds and with a formula based on Ethyl Cyanoacrylate.

OB1 Superglue Activator is an aerosol applied cyanoacrylate accelerant, which once applied to a difficult to bond substrate, significantly increases the cure speed of cyanoacrylate adhesive.